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Tamina Vahlendieck

State Coordinator Schleswig-Holstein

"For me, the work in youth associations forms the basis of democratic life. You can't shape the future with yesterday's thoughts, we need the impetus for progress, this can only come from the young generation."

Born in 2003 in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck into a trade union family, co-determination has been a central aspect of life together for Tamina Vahlendieck since birth. She began her political career as a member of the student council at the Johanneum in Lübeck, and shortly thereafter joined the ver.di youth organization and the Jusos. She is particularly interested in rethinking the education system and reforming the economy to ensure a secure future. In order to be able to play a greater role in shaping the work of youth associations, she also acquired the Youth Leader Card. In November 2020, she was elected to the presidium of Jugend im Landtag SH.
"In 2022, I'm especially looking forward to the work in the initiative, for me it offers the basis for more co-determination of young people in Germany, so I'm very happy to be able to actively support the team."

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