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Stephan Pilsinger, MdB

Mitglied des Beirates

"Introducing our youth to politics is building the foundation of tomorrow's democracy. The constant dialogue with young people is an important input for me, but also an expression of my high esteem for young people."

Born on February 17, 1987 in Munich, Stephan Pilsinger was active in various associations and initiatives on a voluntary basis from an early age, and even as a youngster he was very interested in "big" politics. Consequently, he joined the Junge Union in 2002, then the parent party CSU in 2005. After graduating from the Adolf Weber Gymnasium in Munich in 2007, he began studying human medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and successfully completed his studies in 2015. As a committed Catholic, Pilsinger was and is active in the Cartellverband der Katholischen Deutschen Studentenverbindungen (CV). After completing his studies in 2015, Pilsinger received his license to practice medicine and took up a medical position in internal medicine at a municipal hospital. As a result of his strong political commitment to the Munich CSU, he was nominated in 2017 as the direct candidate for the constituency 220 - Munich/West-Mitte in succession to the retiring CSU constituency representative Dr. Hans-Peter Uhl; he won the direct mandate at the age of 30. In the 19th legislative period (2017-2021), Pilsinger was a full member of the committees for health and for family, seniors, women and youth. Since 2018, the congressman has been working part-time as a family physician. From 2018 to 2021, the now 35-year-old completed a part-time business management distance learning course at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in the field of health management, which he successfully completed in 2021 with the title of "Masters of Health Business Administration (MHBA)". In the Bundestag elections in the fall of 2021, Pilsinger was once again confirmed by the majority of the electorate as a directly elected member of parliament for constituency 220.  The CSU politician also wants to deal with health policy from the opposition bench and work constructively on overcoming the Corona crisis and on the challenges of health policy in the coming years.

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