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Sandro Dorian Mochan

Member of the advisory board

"Young people's participation is not a matter of course and unfortunately still depends far too often on their background. That's why we as young people need to give each other a helping hand in implementing ideas for the future and in our social engagement. IJP helps bring young people together and is committed to participation, which is why I am very happy to support them."

Sandro Dorian Mochan, was born in Berlin in 2000. He is currently studying business administration at the University of Mannheim and is sponsored by the German National Academic Foundation.
He is involved in education and participation of youth and young adults in many ways and brings experience in non-profit management.
After several stints in party politics, he founded the association ISPEC e.V. - Bildungsnetzwerk für Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur in 2018, which he has chaired as president since then. In addition, he has been the driving force behind several youth initiatives and has supported them in their development.
Furthermore, he is a member of the Governing Board of the European University Alliance "ENGAGE.EU" as well as part of the selection committee for German scholarships at the University of Mannheim.


During his time as a student representative and vice-chairman of the Berlin State School Advisory Council, he first came into active contact with youth participation.
Since then, he has been committed to the interests of adolescents and young adults, with the issue of educational advancement being particularly close to his heart.


Parallel to his studies, he is undergoing training as a reserve officer in the German Armed Forces.

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