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Robin Joseph

Member of the advisory board

"Participation is not an abstract concept, but an attitude that develops. School is the ideal place to feel as a young person: my opinion is important, it is heard and it leads to something."

Robin Joseph was born in Neuss in 1987. Real change in school culture - this is the goal that drives him. As a school psychologist in Bonn, he accompanies schools on this path.
Since April 2020, he has been a member of Think Tank 30 - the young think tank of the Club of Rome Germany. His focus is on education and sustainability. In spring 2021, he will publish a novel that deals with school change. In his work on the advisory board, he also wants to contribute his experience from more than ten years of competitive sports - he was a youth national player for the German Hockey Association and a Bundesliga player in field field hockey.

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