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Philipp Mittmann

State Coordinator Thuringia

"Children and young people are the adults of tomorrow. It is important to involve them in social and political life from the very beginning. Their voices and opinions count, no matter what age group and how intensively they participate in current affairs."

Philipp was born in Arnstadt (Thuringia) in 2002. He has lived in Tambach-Dietharz for several years. In August 2019, he graduated from Realschule with very good results and decided to train as a mechatronics engineer with a technical college entrance qualification.
Since 2020, Philipp has been a member of the CDU and Junge Union. In 2021, he was elected to the district executive of the Junge Union Gotha as treasurer. Since the beginning of this year, 2022, he is a member of the working group "Education" of the Junge Union Thüringen. The focus for him is active involvement in education policy. His motto: Something has to change!

"Children are our future! This is not a worn-out saying, it is truer than ever.  A sensible education is the basic building block of personal success! Good grades are important and spur, but they are not everything. A free development of the mind, personal as well as individual goals and views are leading the way. It is just as much a matter of targeted encouragement and any necessary catching up. A clean political slate is an important investment for the future."

For Philipp, listening to young people is important. They need to take an active part in life, and in this way radicalization can be counteracted at an early stage. In this way, a lack of understanding and disenchantment with politics does not arise in the first place. Children and young people must be taken seriously, allowed to have and contribute their own ideas. That is so simple. We take them by the hand where they spend their time - on the Internet. That could be the first step toward their own political opinions.
"Let's take our youth on the path to a better understanding of democracy, it's the path of all of us."

If you want to know more about Philipp's motivations and goals, check out his website.

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