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Finn Wandhoff

Member of the advisory board

"Democracy cannot be taken for granted. We must start with the youngest to protect them."

Finn comes from the small town of Plön in Schleswig-Holstein and has been involved in politics since the age of 15. Since his high school graduation in Schleswig-Holstein in 2019 he has been working in Berlin in the field of digital political communication. His thematic focus is on the political participation of young people and political education with a special emphasis on democracy education and anti-Semitism prevention. Finn represents new approaches to the future of party democracy, both in terms of participation and structures, and regularly takes a critical stance on these issues within his party, the CDU.

Finn Wandhoff has been chairman of the Schüler Union Deutschlands, the trainee and student organization of the CDU and CSU, since 2017. As such, he is a member of the Federal Executive Committee of the Junge Union, the Education, Research and Innovation Commission of the Junge Union and the Federal Committee for Education, Research and Innovation of the CDU.

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