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Dagmar Hanses, MdL aD

Member of the advisory board

"The more young people we sincerely and consistently involve today, the more stable our democracy will be tomorrow."

For Dagmar Hanses, strengthening the youth participation is a matter of utmost importance.

As a pedagogue, she headed a youth center in Warstein for many years and was also the youth policy spokesperson for the parliamentary group (2010-2017) Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen NRW. She supports the establishment of a youth parliament in Hamm and in every other city.


"The more young people and children we include today, there more stable our democracy of tomorrow will be. Young people are increasingly taking on responsibility for themselves and others, and that is why they should also have a say in how the future is shaped in their city. The participation of children and adolescents is a compulsory obligation according to the Child and Youth Promotion Act. The credible and consistent participation is a huge opportunity to shape processes, keep democracy alive and to learn from one another."

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