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Armand Zorn, MdB

Member of the advisory board

"For several years now, we have been seeing how young people are becoming increasingly politically engaged. They take to the streets for their convictions and formulate concrete political demands, thus enriching the political discussion. However, their interests and concerns are not sufficiently taken into account. The "Initiative Jugendparlament" is an excellent way to take this into account and ensure better political participation by young people."

Armand Zorn was born in Yaoundé (Cameroon) in 1988 and came to Germany at the age of 12. He went to school in Halle (Saale) and then studied economics, business law and political science in Halle, Paris, Chongqing (China), Constance and Bologna. In 2015, he moved to Frankfurt am Main, where he worked as a management consultant in the field of compliance and digital transformation. In 2021, he became a project manager in development cooperation and accompanied the introduction of a sustainable economy with the help of new technologies.
Since 2021, Armand Zorn has been a directly elected member of the Bundestag constituency 182 (Frankfurt am Main I). In the Bundestag, he is a member of the Digital and Finance Committees; in the latter, he is also deputy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group.
"In our home, it was always a matter of course to define ourselves not by our own personal success, but by how we can help others to be successful themselves. That's why it was always natural for me to get involved, for example in sports clubs, but also in politics. During my studies in Paris, I helped socially disadvantaged young people in the banlieues as a mentor in their search for an apprenticeship and with job applications. With my commitment to the "Youth Parliament Initiative", I want to motivate and support young people to become active themselves and stand up for their interests," says Zorn.

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