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Zara Tas

State Coordinator Lower Saxony

"Democracy thrives on new ideas and fresh minds. Young people in particular must be courageous in moving forward - our future is at stake!"

Zara Tas was born and raised in Hildesheim. The 18-year-old is currently taking her Abitur. Her political involvement with the Liberals began on her 15th birthday. Over the years, she has held various offices. After several years in press and public relations, she was elected chairwoman of the Young Liberals and the FDP city association in Hildesheim.

At school, she has been involved in the Erasmus+ project or the media scout training. Besides school, she works in online marketing and plays theater. She is particularly concerned about social advancement through education. Many people have potential that cannot be exploited because they lack the opportunities to do so. Projects like the Youth Parliament initiative give young people the opportunity to get involved in our democracy and develop personally at the same time.

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