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Yvonne Funcke

Head of Graphic Design

"Political education consolidates our democracy, which must be preserved and protected. I want to help get young people excited about it and create platforms for them to discuss and thus consolidate themselves and their opinions."

As a creative mind, Yvonne Funcke supports the Youth Parliament initiative in all design aspects. She believes that young people's interest is enhanced when content is graphically prepared according to the target group, speaking a visual language across platforms.


Yvonne has worked in graphics and layout at Bild am Sonntag in Berlin for more than 10 years. She started there after successfully completing her training as a media designer at Axel Springer SE in Hamburg. As a long-time member of the editorial team, she not only gained a lot of experience in graphics, but was also entrusted with the management of the layout team and production. Yvonne also worked for several months in the foreign office in the USA.


In addition, she helped develop the corporate identity of the non-profit organization Junge Tüftler and was responsible for the social media channels of a Berlin dance school.


In order to be able to take on new challenges in the future, Yvonne has been studying architecture in Berlin since 2020.

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