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Traymont Wilhelmi.jpg

Traymont Wilhelmi

State Coordinator Schleswig-Holstein

"Those who ventured into politics in the past are less equipped to solve tomorrow's problems compared to today's youth."

Traymont Wilhelmi was born in Philadelphia (America) and came to Germany in an adoption when he was only a few months old. He currently lives in Flensburg. Traymont has always been interested in politics, but this interest only grew into real activities towards the end of his studies in business administration. At the beginning, he was involved in activism in the form of postcolonial city tours and other projects. Furthermore, Traymont founded, together with some like-minded people, the political subdivision Young Free Voters, in which he holds the deputy board role. Following on from his interest in the Youth Parliament initiative, Traymont is a state board member of the Free Voters of Schleswig-Holstein, in the role of youth policy representative.

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