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Nick Prem

State Coordinator Schleswig-Holstein

"We children and young people in particular should take our future into our own hands. Because we grow up in a world that is shaped by today's politicians. Whether at demonstrations, in political organizations, or in student councils: we have a voice!"

Born in Hamburg, teenager Nick Prem has been politically active for several years.
Whether as part of the board of the education policy organization "Schülerunion Deutschlands" of the Pinneberg district association, or as a member, here at the Youth Parliament initiative: Politics is a lot of fun for him!

Nick often brings in his ideas in the surrounding towns, for example, ideas regarding a new playground.
In addition, he is setting up a children's and youth advisory council with other young people in his hometown, a small town in Schleswig-Holstein: A meeting or council where all children and young people can present their ideas about the town including fixed roles & more!
At his high school, Nick is the class representative of a seventh grade class and organizes many projects there. As an active member of the student council he is involved in anti-racism projects and builds up new clubs or AG's (working groups) and much more.

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