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Ekaterini Paspaliari

State Coordinator North Rhine-Westphalia

"We don't need to throw everything that has been tried and tested overboard. But renewal is necessary, if only to safeguard the tried and tested for the future. (Roman Herzog)"

In addition to her job as a management consultant, the business IT specialist is also a council member in her hometown of Oberhausen. 
"Globalization, digitalization, climate change and demographic change are the drivers for the social, economic and political change process of the coming decades. This process of change will redefine our working world, consumer and leisure behavior, health, education, cultural identity and political participation. It is therefore all the more important that this change is decisively shaped and supported by all those who have to live with the changes. 
Through my work as the integration and equality policy spokesperson for my parliamentary group, I became aware that we need to start as early as possible to achieve more diversity in political bodies.
This is a challenge we have to face in a non-partisan way. This is exactly where the Youth Parliament initiative comes in."

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